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  • Shrink Plastic Clear

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    Create adorable tiny things with Shrink Plastic. This material a surface that can be drawn or printed on. You can then place your cut-out items into an oven to bake. The heating process will make the material shrink and thicken. Perfect for creating jewelry type projects and kid's crafts.

    If printing a custom design to be cut out, simply print the image onto the Shrink Plastic and then cut out around the contour using the Silhouette cutting machine's Print & Cut feature.

    This Shrink Plastic offering has an clear background, so your resulting baked projects will have a translucent glassy background.

    Contains 6 sheets.

    • Surface Color: Clear
    • Size: 8.5 inch width x 11 inch length
    • Material Format: Sheets
    • Adhesive Backing: No
    • Printable Surface: Yes (Inkjet printer only)